A History of Excellence

Growing Accounts and Growing Minds

We are a private and fully self-capitalized proprietary trading firm operating in Montreal, Quebec.

We are dedicated liquidity providers to Canadian interest rate derivatives markets. Our team includes traders who have participated since the inception of open outcry trading in Montreal and master traders who have survived every market and every efficiency adjustment along their way.

We are a growth-oriented trading company focused on educating and advancing some of the best trading minds. Our goal is to train, capitalize, partner and profit with long-term or career traders. We seek only individuals with strong discipline who are passionate, committed and driven.

We do not seek to profit from the education process of our traders nor do we engage in business practices that would limit opportunities for gifted or potential applicants.

We are dedicated to giving back to our community through the education and promotion of the products traded at the Montreal Exchange.






Beyond capitalizing our traders, we provide office space, market data and market access at very low cost.

Our trading room is a state of the art facility that is fully power self-reliant. We maintain very low latency through dedicated networking lines to our trading servers which are collocated at the TMX’s facility.